Excellent model A. I. John Silver from Treasure Island very rare


As the first of “Excellent Model A.I.”, John Silver released from that eternal masterpiece “Treasure Island”! In prototype production, if you made a male character, the call with Japan is also high, Mr. Kohji Ohnishi of the molding workshop heavy gage is in charge. Approximately 1/10 scale, It faithfully reproduced the charm of John Silver as it was in the Anime. The world of Takarajima that reaches realism beyond about 30 years since the start of television broadcasting. At the time of the aired, John Silver was a longing for boys. With the hands of the artisan, a new breath is now blown into the memory that remains in his memory.

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Prototype Production: Koji Onishi (Heavy Gage)
Special features: Map of Treasure Island (paper)
Material: PVC · ABS
Total height: approx 190 mm (1/10 scale)

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Weight 0.381 kg
Dimensions 19 cm


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