About & Contact

We aim of becoming a bridge that connects between Japan and Middle Eastern countries.

Business Consulting

We consult and manage Japanese companies that are interested in doing business in Middle-East market and vice verses.

Event Management

We coordinate events in Middle-East by bringing out famous Japanese companies(Pop culture, Japanese tech-company, etc.)

Translation Work

We prepare necessary business in Middle-East, and work on translation between Arabic, Japanese, English and vise versa.

You Can Reach Us At :

Tel: +81-3-5577-6085
Fax: +81-3-5577-6087

Our Adress :

Uetake Bld.7F, 1-3-6 Nishikanda
Chiyodaku, Tokyo 101-0065




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A young Saudi man establishes and manages a Japanese company in Tokyo .. The story of Abdulaziz Al – Freih is monitored by this report.



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